Razor Blades x 10


Unleash a year of smoothness with our Refill Pack – all the benefits of a closer shave without breaking the bank! For the price of a coffee, you can enjoy the luxury of continuously smooth skin for up to 12 months.


  •  Closer shave and no skin irritation: Elevate your shaving experience with blades designed for precision, ensuring a close shave without the irritation often caused by dull or inferior blades.
  • 5-7 shaves per blade: Our high-quality stainless steel razor blades offer long-lasting performance, providing you with 5-7 shaves per blade. Embrace the convenience of fewer changes and more consistent results.
  • Hello SMOOTH silky legs - goodbye Strawberry legs!: Bid farewell to "Strawberry legs" and welcome the confidence that comes with flawlessly smooth legs. Our blades deliver the results you deserve.


  •  10 high-quality stainless steel razor blades: Each refill pack comes with a generous supply of blades, ensuring you're stocked for an extended period.
  • Please note: Every safety razor comes with blades included, making it a hassle-free experience from the start.

Ensure your razor stays at its best by changing the blade every 5-7 uses, catering to your specific hair type. A sharp blade not only guarantees optimal performance but also eliminates the risk of irritation. Invest in the longevity of your smooth skin – order our Refill Pack now and enjoy a year of impeccable shaving at the price of your daily coffee. Your journey to consistently smooth legs starts here.

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