MYSMOOTH was founded in 2021 by Christy, who set out on a journey to create a sleek and reusable eco-friendly razor that exudes luxury without the large price tag. After wanting to create a range of products that better the environment, Christy also set out to bring awareness to the environmental impacts of our plastic footprint, as well as perfecting the silky-smooth legs we all long for. 

The result? The beautiful and popular MYSMOOTH Reusable Rose Gold Safety Razor and Soothing Shave Oil to compliment. Not only is it sleek and sustainable, but it looks amazing on your bathroom counter and is better for both your body and your bank account!



MYSMOOTH is all about bringing back the art of traditional shaving for all to enjoy. The intention of our brand is to add a classy aesthetic to your bathroom as well as to create a connection to the product with deliberate purpose, craftsmanship, and patience. 

We want to ensure all of our customers that these shaving alternatives are free from nasty chemicals, plastics, and that they aim to reduce your carbon footprint (and your spending).


One of our fundamental beliefs when it comes to our products is that self-care is a large component. We want shaving to become part of a routine that empowers women and gives them the confidence in their everyday lives that comes from nourishing and pampering the body. 

Taking care of ourselves is a priority that some of us tend to neglect, but we believe that the sustainable nature of our self-care/grooming routines needs to be reclaimed. After all, why shouldn’t we take care of the environment whilst taking care of ourselves?



Have you ever shaved your legs with a disposable razor and experienced razor burn, endless cuts, pore infections or worse? This can be very painful and cause a lot of discomfort.

Here at MYSMOOTH, we’ve created a shaving experience like no other.

Our single blade + and extra-long anti-skid handle + our soothing shaving oil = Bye bye razor burn Hello smooth legs.



The MYSMOOTH bundle lasts around 1 year, after that all you need to do is replace the blades @ $0.60 each

With a 10x pack of stainless-steel blades, each blade should last up to 5-7 shaves before needing to replace it.

So, you do the math!

After your initial investment you’ll be saving $$ as well as the environment.