Well done for making the switch to a plastic free and toxic free shave. Here you will learn a new skill that requires patience especially if you have never experienced a close smooth shave.

When it comes to clean shaving, nothing offers a smoother, more satisfying shave like a safety razor. Here are some of our top tips when it comes to shaving with our products! 


What Are the Benefits of a Safety Razor?

Switching to a safety razor shave yields numerous benefits for your skin, the environment, and your wallet. Luckily, the MYSMOOTH Razor ensures that everybody can get the perfect shave, no matter which part of the body you are shaving.

Shaving Is Your Time!

Shaving is a personal experience. It is one of the most intimate body care activities you can do. It should be a time to enjoy the hot steam against your skin and the warm water of a bath against your body. So why rush it? Take the time to let your pores soak up the warm water and oil while you shave.


1. Assembling your razor

The MYSMOOTH razor consists of three parts - the top and bottom headpiece and the handle. Assemble the blade between the headpieces, ensuring the ridges face up and the smooth side is against the handle. You’re all set!


2. Prepping Your Skin

First, make sure to exfoliate. The best way to go about doing this is to take a shower or bath and scrub the area to remove any dead skin cells. One of the main causes behind ingrown hairs and razor bumps is a razor pushing dead skin cells into a pore, blocking the hair. Plus, when you let your skin soak in hot water, it helps open up those pores, making it easier to shave.

3. Shaving

With your skin and hair thoroughly prepped for the shave, position the razor at a 30-45 degree angle to your skin and shave using short, gentle strokes. Let the weight of the razor do most of the work, you don’t need to apply the same pressure you would with a cartridge razor. This gives you control yet allows the weight of the handle to glide the razor. Remember, with a safety razor you don't want to apply pressure. You don't need to!

4. Shaving Bikini Zone

When shaving the bikini zone, pull your skin taut and shave with the grain, in the direction that the hair grows. Tight skin allows the blade to flow smoothly. If you've never tried it before, position yourself in a squat. Shaving your legs and bikini area isn't all that different from shaving a face. And a safety razor will give you the clean, smooth feeling skin you've been wanting. After just one try, you'll toss the rest of your cartridge razors away for good.

5. Recycling your used blades

Recycling used blades: After 5-7 shaves, replace the blade. Store used blades in a glass jar for recycling. Contact your local council to find the nearest recycling facility for used blades.


Make the most of your shaving routine with MYSMOOTH's reusable safety razor, hemp seed oil, and razor stand bundle. Embrace a sustainable and enjoyable shaving experience while reducing waste. Start your plastic-free journey today!